How many of you get bored with therapy?  I get way bored.  If I am bored, are the children I treat bored?  Yup…bring on behavior issues, lack of progress and everyone banging our heads against a brick wall.  I usually have a truck load of therapy supplies I cart around all over DFW for therapy in home health and schools.  My friend Jennifer laughs at me frequently for my cases of therapy stuff. Yes, I said cases…like giant chests on wheels.  In fact, we even presented on the very subject of differences in our therapy style, but how they were actually also very similar in 2014 at TSHA, “That’s My Bag”.  Jennifer prefers Less is More and I prefer More for Less!

Here is a small portion of the stuff I haul around!

One of my favorite things in therapy is to use objects to elicit responses, for language, articulation and fluency.  I can use the same objects for a variety of ages and a variety of goals.  I buy huge lots of miniatures, small toy accessories and Barbie toys off of eBay for cheap (just watch the shipping $$$)! You can also buy miniatures and toys at thrift stores, crafts stores or dollar stores. I gather all of those objects and sort them into organized boxes. At one time they were in bags, but my collection grew!

So, this weekend, I organized
many bags like this….


Into this…

Each with their own label from scrapbook stickers (I scrapbooked many years ago and never got rid of anything…BONUS!)

Organizing huge lots of toys and accessories doesn’t look like a huge task, but it is! It has taken several years to grow this crazy collection. For instance, I have artic boxes, regular plurals, irregular plurals, object function and identification, role play and am working on a few new ones I hope to show you in the near future!  The objects can be used in countless ways. And the best part, children can use them to meet their goals and have FUN! No boredom here!  Last week I even had 1st graders “digging” the objects and have had 3rd and 4th graders request this. Why? Because it isn’t a flash card or worksheet. It isn’t 2 dimensional. Objects give physical cues to our friends who are kinesthetic learners. They can use their imagination, learn social language, and pair an image with their goal and carry-over into real life. The uses are endless. Why does it help you? Because you can actually address multiple goals with one activity.


Now you know how to start a collection, organize it and hopefully you can think of many ways to implement objects into your therapy. Warning…even boys will play with this…and LIKE it!

I’m super excited to bring you more and more ideas soon! Stay tuned. Summer is coming…time for fresh new ideas! If you have questions or ideas, please share.