Have ya’ll heard the hype on the Cariboo game???  Where have I been?  Thank goodness for Pinterest!


The Cariboo game brand new costs around $145!!!!!  Who spends $145 on a game??? No, thanks.  I’m not going to spend crazy amounts of $ on a game that could easily get broken by some of my little friends. But, I found a fully intact one on Amazon for $45 shipped!  Woohoo!

After I got the game in the mail, I tested it out on my 3 year old. He loved it!

Next, I found artic and language cards online at various free speech sites. You might try Teachers Pay Teachers or www.speakingofspeech.com. Look for pics that are 1 1/2 inches X 1 1/2 inches. I also made laminated white cards with hard velcro sticky dots attached. I slid the velcro squares into the spots where the cards normally go on the game itself. Then in a binder, I organized all of the cards for the game on plastic dividers I bought in bulk at Sam’s Club.

This set-up allows you to mix your pictures to work on a variety of goals and if they are all on velcro, you can switch them quickly.

I tested it at work and the boys and girls of all grades and ages LOVED it. I was able to tackle a variety of goals all with one game. Easy breezy! If you find a game with missing parts like the key, you can use a paper clip or small screw driver as the key. Also, you can find the same size balls at the dollar store!

Happy Caribooing, Speechies!