They have made Abby's therapy fun!

I have a 12 year old daughter who has down syndrome and moderate to severe hearing loss. We have used Alyson Reves and some of her speech therapists for several years.  My daughter mostly spoke “one word at a time.” She also did not  respond to questions appropriately. Thanks to the diligence of the speech therapists she is doing both now.  I can now ask my daughter what she did at school today and she can tell me.  She doesn’t get as frustrated due to lack of communication skills.  I have also noticed that I don’t have to “interpret”her speech to others.  They have made Abby’s therapy fun, and she gets excited about each visit.   My daughter can look forward to a better quality of life. I recommend Lone Star Speech therapy to my friends who have children with special needs.


Honors the individual needs

Mrs. Reves (Aly) strives to maintain a commitment to excellence, both personally and professionally.  Her vivacious results-based approach as an individual therapist is further evidenced in her provision of practical quality leadership and training to those she supervises.  She endeavors to be honest and efficient with those who contract services through her and honors the individual needs/concerns, as well as the professionalism, of those who work for her. – She is a joy to work both with and for!


Go Lonestar Speech Therapy!!

Alyson is such an amazingly creative therapist. She steps outside the box when it comes to traditional therapy techniques, and finds a way to give the client an exciting and valuable experience in therapy. Go Lonestar Speech Therapy!!


Go Lonestar Speech Therapy!!

I am a graduate student and Alyson’s presentation at the Texas Speech and Hearing Association convention this year was both inspiring and helpful! I am always looking for therapy materials that fit into a graduate student’s budget. Thanks Alyson, for the great ideas!


Alyson’s TSHA presentation was absolutely fabulous

Alyson’s TSHA presentation was absolutely fabulous to partake in. The session was not like anything I’ve sat through before. She was very real and engaging in her approach and provided a rationale to all of her suggestions for therapy. Alyson had great ideas from herself and other therapists that she employs; she even went so far as to provide types of goals to use with each of the activities. All of the ideas could be manipulated in ways to hit a variety of goals across ages and populations. The presentation was an hour long but felt like 30 minutes, and offered opportunities for the participants to affirm ideas or provide some of their own. In addition to some great ideas that I have already implemented into my practice, she provided examples of websites and places to obtain free printables which are great also! At the sessions conclusion, multiple people were commenting on how great it went. Overall I hope Alyson will present again and bring new ways to do therapy and different ideas as well. Great presentation!