Ned’s Head Extras

Who loves playing Ned’s Head?  Some of our sweeties loved the game so much they stole our brain and tooth (insert angry face).  One of my littles loves this game so much I decided to incorporate a few goals into the game and make this way more entertaining.

I purchased clipart from Scrappin’ Doodles, Clipart from Carrie Teaching First, Graphics from the Pond and DC Doodles for this activity.

You can access the game on my TpT site.  Instructions for game:

Print, laminate, cut out cards. neds head page 3

Throw cards into Ned’s Head. On the blank cards included in the Ned’s Head Game, write “card” or “germ”. You can also print off the germs and put them through a Xyron sticker makr then stick the germs on the cards. If they pull a card, they have to give you the answer. If they pull hand sanitizer, no germs allowed or the tissues, then follow those instructions. Have the child describe each item pulled out of Ned’s Head.

Jon and xyronHere my own little is helping me make stickers and place them onto the blank cards that came in the game.

Here is one of my lovies playing the game.  She loved it!  Great success!zayna neds head

Take Action!

I found some adorable clipart on Scrappin Doodles website!  Check them out for great prices on clip art.  The possibilities are endless and their clip art is absolutely adorable!

I wanted an activity that could be versatile for all levels.  I tend to use actual pictures of objects and actions with my babies who have more significant impairments and need more concrete images.  But, for the children who may have a general expressive/receptive language delay, this activity will work!

Action Pictures page 2

You can find the link to this activity here on my TpT site.  You will get 30 pages of present progressive verbs that can by used for a variety of ages and delays.  The verb cards without the words can be used to target present tense verbs.  Older children can write the verb in the blanks on the last 5 pages.  The last 5 pages of this activity can be printed and used as worksheets.

action pictures page 7

Sequencing with Puzzles and Objects

I have accumulated a HUGE amount of objects and toys over the years. When I go to a dollar store, I usually go down the educational aisle in search of anything that can be used in therapy.  One day I found sequencing puzzles for $1 a package!  I also found some sequencing objects at Michael’s in the science section. Several of the objects matched the puzzles I bought already.  After I got them all home, I sorted the puzzles with toys and objects from around my house. Some of the toys I used were ones I already had or toys my mom saved from my childhood (check out Barbie’s baby boy…yes that’s a boy).

sequencing puzzles 2

I organized them each into their own separate containers in a larger carrying case.  This entire case is perfect for sequencing, following directions, using grammatically correct sentences, use of ordinal numbers, retelling stories in a sequence, object identification and many more!

What objects do you have around your house? Put them together with some $1 puzzles for a great and inexpensive therapy activity that will last for years to come!

Pronoun Kids!

After many failed attempts to teach pronouns to my students and patients with the use of flashcards, I decided several years ago to come up with my own pronoun activity.  I actually had an artist draw these for me and then glued them on a file folder over 5 years ago and I still use them today.  With this activity, the pictures are very concrete whereas with so many of our flashcards, the pictures are small and busy with other graphics.  Most of my children I serviced were unable to complete pronoun tasks because they actually could not decipher between genders to even label correctly.  I needed something more simplistic, without the cost!

pronoun kids

After speaking at TSHA in 2013, I had more requests for a copy, but I didn’t have anyway to provide a copy because I only had one.  After working with a graphic artist, I was able to create a pdf file!  Yay!  Thank goodness for people who are computer savy.

So, how does it work you ask?  Easy breezy!

1.  Go to TPT and find Pronoun Kids! for purchase.  For less than $10 in supplies, you can create your own!

2.  Print off, cut out boy and girl and glue onto file folder, cut out the attached pictures, then laminate the file folder and attached pictures.  You may also want to add your own pictures!

3.  Place hard velcro on the boy and girl’s hands. Place soft velcro on the backs of the pictures.

4.  Place all of your extra pictures into a baggie inside the file folder.

5.  Place pictures on the hands of the boy or girl, then you can address pronouns in many ways.  Who has the ball? She does. He does.  Who’s ball is it? It is his. It is hers.  Who does it belong to? It belongs to him or it belongs to her.

Happy Teaching, folks!

Cariboo Bandwagon

Have ya’ll heard the hype on the Cariboo game???  Where have I been?  Thank goodness for Pinterest!


The Cariboo game brand new costs around $145!!!!!  Who spends $145 on a game??? No, thanks.  I’m not going to spend crazy amounts of $ on a game that could easily get broken by some of my little friends. But, I found a fully intact one on Amazon for $45 shipped!  Woohoo!

After I got the game in the mail, I tested it out on my 3 year old. He loved it!

Next, I found artic and language cards online at various free speech sites. You might try Teachers Pay Teachers or Look for pics that are 1 1/2 inches X 1 1/2 inches. I also made laminated white cards with hard velcro sticky dots attached. I slid the velcro squares into the spots where the cards normally go on the game itself. Then in a binder, I organized all of the cards for the game on plastic dividers I bought in bulk at Sam’s Club.

This set-up allows you to mix your pictures to work on a variety of goals and if they are all on velcro, you can switch them quickly.

I tested it at work and the boys and girls of all grades and ages LOVED it. I was able to tackle a variety of goals all with one game. Easy breezy! If you find a game with missing parts like the key, you can use a paper clip or small screw driver as the key. Also, you can find the same size balls at the dollar store!

Happy Caribooing, Speechies!


Well, here we go.  I’ve been asked a few times to start a blog on speech therapy ideas and resources.  There are some amazing speech therapy blogs out there and I have reservations if I can even compete. This can be a daunting task!  Who will read this blog?  Do I have anything worth writing?  Is there a parent or a therapist who could benefit?  Where will I grow an extra day to add this into my crazy life? There are way too many doubts.  So, with that, I am going to attempt to block out the doubts and write what I think may benefit someone! I hope you stick with me. Share your ideas, your struggles, your triumphs. As a team, my hope is for us to all work together for the benefit of the children we service.


How many of you get bored with therapy?  I get way bored.  If I am bored, are the children I treat bored?  Yup…bring on behavior issues, lack of progress and everyone banging our heads against a brick wall.  I usually have a truck load of therapy supplies I cart around all over DFW for therapy in home health and schools.  My friend Jennifer laughs at me frequently for my cases of therapy stuff. Yes, I said cases…like giant chests on wheels.  In fact, we even presented on the very subject of differences in our therapy style, but how they were actually also very similar in 2014 at TSHA, “That’s My Bag”.  Jennifer prefers Less is More and I prefer More for Less!

Here is a small portion of the stuff I haul around!

One of my favorite things in therapy is to use objects to elicit responses, for language, articulation and fluency.  I can use the same objects for a variety of ages and a variety of goals.  I buy huge lots of miniatures, small toy accessories and Barbie toys off of eBay for cheap (just watch the shipping $$$)! You can also buy miniatures and toys at thrift stores, crafts stores or dollar stores. I gather all of those objects and sort them into organized boxes. At one time they were in bags, but my collection grew!

So, this weekend, I organized
many bags like this….


Into this…

Each with their own label from scrapbook stickers (I scrapbooked many years ago and never got rid of anything…BONUS!)

Organizing huge lots of toys and accessories doesn’t look like a huge task, but it is! It has taken several years to grow this crazy collection. For instance, I have artic boxes, regular plurals, irregular plurals, object function and identification, role play and am working on a few new ones I hope to show you in the near future!  The objects can be used in countless ways. And the best part, children can use them to meet their goals and have FUN! No boredom here!  Last week I even had 1st graders “digging” the objects and have had 3rd and 4th graders request this. Why? Because it isn’t a flash card or worksheet. It isn’t 2 dimensional. Objects give physical cues to our friends who are kinesthetic learners. They can use their imagination, learn social language, and pair an image with their goal and carry-over into real life. The uses are endless. Why does it help you? Because you can actually address multiple goals with one activity.


Now you know how to start a collection, organize it and hopefully you can think of many ways to implement objects into your therapy. Warning…even boys will play with this…and LIKE it!

I’m super excited to bring you more and more ideas soon! Stay tuned. Summer is coming…time for fresh new ideas! If you have questions or ideas, please share.