Sequencing with Puzzles and Objects

I have accumulated a HUGE amount of objects and toys over the years. When I go to a dollar store, I usually go down the educational aisle in search of anything that can be used in therapy.  One day I found sequencing puzzles for $1 a package!  I also found some sequencing objects at Michael’s in the science section. Several of the objects matched the puzzles I bought already.  After I got them all home, I sorted the puzzles with toys and objects from around my house. Some of the toys I used were ones I already had or toys my mom saved from my childhood (check out Barbie’s baby boy…yes that’s a boy).

sequencing puzzles 2

I organized them each into their own separate containers in a larger carrying case.  This entire case is perfect for sequencing, following directions, using grammatically correct sentences, use of ordinal numbers, retelling stories in a sequence, object identification, and many more!

What objects do you have around your house? Put them together with some $1 puzzles for a great and inexpensive therapy activity that will last for years to come!

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