Pronoun Kids!

After many failed attempts to teach pronouns to my students and patients with the use of flashcards, I decided several years ago to come up with my own pronoun activity.  I actually had an artist draw these for me and then glued them on a file folder over 5 years ago and I still use them today.  With this activity, the pictures are very concrete whereas with so many of our flashcards, the pictures are small and busy with other graphics.  Most of my children I serviced were unable to complete pronoun tasks because they actually could not decipher between genders to even label correctly.  I needed something more simplistic, without the cost!

pronoun kids

After speaking at TSHA in 2013, I had more requests for a copy, but I didn’t have anyway to provide a copy because I only had one.  After working with a graphic artist, I was able to create a pdf file!  Yay!  Thank goodness for people who are computer savy.

So, how does it work you ask?  Easy breezy!

1.  Go to TPT and find Pronoun Kids! for purchase.  For less than $10 in supplies, you can create your own!

2.  Print off, cut out boy and girl and glue onto file folder, cut out the attached pictures, then laminate the file folder and attached pictures.  You may also want to add your own pictures!

3.  Place hard velcro on the boy and girl’s hands. Place soft velcro on the backs of the pictures.

4.  Place all of your extra pictures into a baggie inside the file folder.

5.  Place pictures on the hands of the boy or girl, then you can address pronouns in many ways.  Who has the ball? She does. He does.  Who’s ball is it? It is his. It is hers.  Who does it belong to? It belongs to him or it belongs to her.

Happy Teaching, folks!

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